Bullseye X Package

Rec & Youth Bow



Built ready for everyone from youth to all archers, the Bullseye X is a lead-in traditional-style recurve bow available in three sizes – 48", 54", and 62". The riser features a sight, arrow rest, and stabilizer mounting holes, and has multi-laminate limbs. The bow set includes a flipper style arrow rest, brass nock point and a recurve stringer. The Bullseye 48" bow has a 15 to 20 lb. draw weight, 54" bow has a 20 to 24 lb. draw weight, and the 62" has a 26 to 29 lb. draw weight.
*Suggested Age Range: 12 & up


  • Hand: Right
  • Overall length: 48"
  • Peak draw weight: 15 lbs.

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