Take Down

Traditional Bow

Mr. Bear brought many innovations to the archery industry, but perhaps his proudest moment came in 1969 with the production of his famous Take-down recurve bow. The design was years ahead of its time. Not only does it pack easy, it shoots and feels like a dream. This legendary but modern design is available in several lengths and draw weights giving you plenty of versatility.

  • Fred Bear Patented Takedown Latch System, no tools required
  • Customizable to suit your needs in AMO length, draw weight, and style
  • Limbs and Risers all compatible with all Bear Takedowns since 1969

Build Your Bow

The 3 piece riser construction is available with several options. Available in two sizes, A or B riser. A riser and can be paired with Bear limbs to make 56” or 60” bow. The B riser will make a 60” or 64” bow. Crowned and cut on center, the arrow shelf will come with a Bear Hair Rest and leather strike plate. All risers are capped with fiberglass accents and completed with a satin finish.

African Bubinga & Black Phenolic with Red Stripe shown on the left.

Black Maple w/ Red Accent Stripe shown on the right.

Also available in LH.

A Riser
B Riser

These Fascor powered limbs are backed and faced with high strength black fiberglass. Handcrafted tips are layered with Hard-Rock Maple and fiberglass to accommodate modern strings. The limb butts are made of Black Maple. These limbs are available in two lengths. #1 Limbs will make a 56" or 60" bow on an A or B riser, respectively. #3 Limbs will make a 60" or 64" bow on an A or B riser, respectively. Draw weights are available from 30# to 70# in 5 pound increments.

  • A-riser with #1 Limbs = 56" AMO
  • A-riser with #3 Limbs = 60" AMO
  • B-riser with #1 Limbs = 60" AMO
  • B-riser with #3 Limbs = 64" AMO
#1 Limbs
#3 Limbs
  • Dynaflight 97 Flemish Twist
  • Available for 56", 60", and 64" AMO length bows