New for 2018
Approach HC

340 FPS
  • Price
  • Weight
    4 LBS.
  • Brace Height
  • Axle-to-Axle
  • Let Off
  • Shockwaves

    Limb dampener device eliminates vibration and shock.

  • EnduraFiber™ Limbs

    These limbs provide unmatched flexibility and rigidity and allow for maximum weight adjustability for a customized fit for any shooter. The unique shape of the limb creates a reliable load distribution.

  • Lock Down Pocket System

    A system that incorporates four components which provides the most accurate riser-to-pocket-to-limb alignment in the industry.

    • Limb Boot Captures and insulates the limb butt eliminating noise, shock, and vibration.
    • Patent Pending Half Round When placed under load the patent pending half round clamps the limb and allows zero movement.
    • Lock Down Washer Precisely aligns the front side of the pocket to the riser.
    • Tangs Secures the pocket to the riser throughout the entire draw weight change.
  • RockStops™

    Adjustable limb stops that form a solid back wall.

  • SonicStops™

    SonicStops are essential in eliminating string vibration and noise at the point of origination.

  • SonicKnots™

    String dampening that also provides incremental speed.

Price: $449.99
Approach HC

The Exception to the Rule

We've all heard "you get what you pay for," but the Approach HC is the exception to the rule. This high-performance hybrid cam system offers a super smooth draw cycle, speed, and accuracy. With speeds of 340 feet per second and features of a bow that should cost hundreds more, the Approach HC is a premium bow at an incredible price.