Youth Bow


The Brave® is the perfect introductory bow for young children following the example of Mom and Dad. With a 26" axle-to-axle and 15 to 25 lb. peak draw weight, the Brave is suggested for ages eight and older.

Includes Whisker Biscuit, the safest rest in the archery industry - a $40 value


  • Durable Composite Limbs and Riser
  • Right Hand Only
  • Includes: Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest®, 1-Pin sight, (2) Safetyglass™ arrows, armguard, 2-piece arrow quiver, finger rollers, and temporary tattoo
*Suggested Age Range: 8 & up


  • Finish: Black
  • Hand: Right
  • Peak draw weight: 525 lbs.
  • Draw length: 13.519.5"
  • Draw length: 13.519.5"
  • Axle-to-axle length: 26"
  • Let-off: 65%

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